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POWERULERS started in the South Bronx in the early 1980 at the corner of 150 st and Union Ave. We were a group of brothers that stood together to protect and defend our neighborhood from everybody. POWERULERS was created when we where kids writing graffiti on walls, break dancing, playing handball, having club parties, house parties and hanging out in the block. POWERULERS  has always been a family oriented, we hang together, we laugh together, we cry together, and we fought together. We make sure that our block was safe for our family, friends and the kids of 150 ST and Union Ave.  POWERULERS was strengthen by two brother, Mipo and Dead Eye.  POWERULERS had no leaders, but we were a posse of brothers united for life and respected each others and our families with respect, loyalty and brotherhood. Many

POWERULERS died defending our streets. We as POWERULERS, will always keep their memory alive FOREVER !!!!!.

RIP! to MY DAD TOMAS (MASIN) RIVERA, WHITE BOY, THOMAS, JESUS, MELVIN, HE-MAN, RUBEN, MY COUSIN JULIAN (SAPO) R.,  and every P.R.P that past away, May there soul............





South Bronx (1986)
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